GNKS and its associates have a mission of informing decision makers at all levels in order to help them to open up beyond current experience to better understand how to effectively and efficiently address the reality of the Global Networked Knowledge Society.

GNKS Consult informs decision makers at all levels in order to help them better understand how to effectively and efficiently address the new challenges posed by information and communication technologies.

For its work, it can rely on a network of global top-level experts in several disciplines ranging from  policy foresight and policy evaluation (ex ante and ex post) law to economics to technology, security, and innovation.

Key topics addressed by GNKS Consult include information security, data protection and privacy,future internet,  internet governance, sustainability, ethics, and governance.


Maarten Botterman is GNKS Consult Director and independent strategic advisor on Internet Governance and related issues with 25+ year experience in guiding governments and major organizations on the economic/business and societal impacts of current and future internet innovations and technologies.

During those 25+ years he participated and led more than 50 international projects and studies for governments and industry on Future Net issues with teams including experts with advanced academic degrees from many disciplines ranging from technology and mathematics to economics and law, and from many different countries and cultures.

Previous positions included RAND Corporation, European Commission and Dutch Government, before becoming independent in 2006.

He has also been part as Chair or Member of several non-profit Boards for work related to internet and knowledge society, and is currently ICANN Board Director.

Jonathan Cave - Associate

Jonathan Cave is a GNKS Consult Associate, Senior Fellow in Economics at Warwick University, Economist Member of the UK Regulatory Policy Committee and Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute (Digital Ethics Research Group and Ethics Advisory Committee).

He has long experience in ICT, economics and regulation and conducts and scrutinises impact assessments and gives policy advice to UK, US and NL governments, and the European Commission and Parliament, including on the Better Regulations agenda.

His research includes many telecommunications policy, privacy and cybersecurity topics and identity-sensitive areas: m- and e-Health; IoT/CPS; data analytics and machine learning for financial services and policing; and electronic identity in relation to eGovernment services.

He also works with the Journal of Cybersecurity, the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security and the Cyber Civilisation Research Centre at Keio University.