Jonathan Cave

Prof.Dr. J.A.K. Cave (EU) is Professor in Economics at Warwick University, and associated with GNKS since 2007. Jonathan holds degrees from Yale (B.Sc.), Cambridge (MA), and Stanford (Ph.D.). In his position as Senior Economist at RAND Europe (up to February 2015), he has led projects on a variety of issues in telecommunications (transition from rate-of-return to price-cap regulation, legal issues arising on the electronic highway, universal service and the Internet), social policy (effects of aging European populations), industrial policy, and government's evolving role (passing on costs of government activity to private parties, market failure in the waste disposal industry, use of government procurement as a tool to spur innovation). Many of these projects involved international comparisons and teams spread across different organizations and nations. He is recently appointed as Economist member of the UK’s Regulatory Policy Committee (2015).