Edwin Horlings

Edwin Horlings, PhD, MA, is a senior economic researcher who works for Rathenau Institute since November 2007, currently as Research Coordinator for Science System Assesments. He has wide experience in economic analysis with a focus on quantitative methods and macroeconomic analysis in the area of GNKS.

His work includes studies of long-term economic development, science and technology, international trade, international comparisons of productivity levels, and the relationship between growth and well-being. While working as a senior policy analyst in the European offices of the RAND Corporation and Regioplan Policy Analysis, he has worked on various aspects of ICT policy, including privacy protection, i2010, broadband and telecommunication policy. In addition, he was RAND’s resident expert in impact assessment for the European Commission, working on the i2010 Action Plan and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (DG Information Society and Media), a Regulation on medicinal products for paediatric use (DG Enterprise and Industry), and a Communication on alcohol policy (DG Health and Consumer Protection).