About Maarten Botterman 

MB prof 2014

It is time to open into a new reality: change is upon us, and we are now in a step change from what we used to know. Whereas we can hide from it successfully, for a while, ultimately it will affect us. At the end of the 19th century, water carriers in Paris, France, were on strike as the waterpipes infrastructure that the city was building, bringing fresh water in every home, would take them out of business. Too often, it feels like that is what we are trying to do, today. As nations, protecting what used to be important against change. As organizations, trying to continue to do what was needed, once - even if this is not what the market needs today, or tomorrow. And as people, just because we know what we have, and do not know what we would get if we change.

My aim is to recognise this new reality and live my life to the fullest.

Maarten Botterman

My focus

The world we used to know is history. It has formed the fundaments of today’s societies, as we are shaping the fundaments of the societies our children and their children will live in. Let’s open up in the new reality for today, and take the best decisions we can to ensure that our children can live in society that supports them in fulfilling their dreams. My passion is to help provide this opening towards the best possible future – a future we want our children to live in. Whereas we cannot predict the future, what we do today is shaping the world of tomorrow – let’s do the best we can!

My role

Over time, my role has been as CEO/team manager that is inspiring teams by aiming at alignment of vision and passion; as independent policy analyst and consultant on policy and strategy issues relating to our global, networked, knowledge based society; as Board Member to several organizations with a focus to contribute to internet development and usage; and as professional counterpart to professionals and executives that want to make a positive contribution to the world and feel good about life at the same time.

My experience

My work has always been “in the public interest”, with 12 years in the public service (7 years Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management; 5 years European Commission DG Information Society), and 15 years as independent analyst (6 years at RAND Corporation, European office, and 9 years independent, as GNKS) and consultant (in addition to analysis, helping making things happen, as GNKS).

Over time, I have contributed to more than 50 peer reviewed publication, ranging from the introduction of telework in the public service to review of the EU’s audiovisual content directive, from the set-up of a Supreme Council for ICT in Qatar to Fostering IoT Enterpreneurship and IPv6 readiness monitoring. For a full list, see “references” on this website.

Next to this work I am currently contributing with part-time commitments as Chairman to the Board of the Public Interest Registry (since 2008), as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the NLnet Foundation (since 2013), and as Chairman of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things (since 2014). With these functions I am strategically involved with the development of the Internet at global and European level.

In the past, I have been active part-time as interim-CEO of the Public Interest Registry (2009), CEO of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC, 2003 - 2006), as Member of the ENISA Permanent Stakeholder Group (2010 – 2012), as Member of the Public Sector Advisory Board of UNISYS (2007 – 2009), and I have been teaching candidates for Master in Information Security Management at the TIAS/NIMBAS Business school (2006 – 2009).

My education and training

Following a bachelor degree in Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, I obtained my Masters’ Degree (drs in Dutch) in Business Economics in 2014. During my studies, I was mostly interested in strategic and organizational management approaches (Philip Kotler, Michael Porter, Peter Drucker, Henri Minzberg, Stafford Beer e.a.), and my final thesis was on Introduction of Telework (place independent work organization making best use of new networking technologies) in the Public Sector – which I wrote in parallel to introducing telework throughout the Dutch public service, thus able to benefit from combining pioneering experiences with theory.

Following my study as Business Economist, my focus in the early days of my career was on ICT implementation and usage in work organization, and I followed a number of courses and trainings in data structures design, system development methodologies, Information Management and ICT project management (1987 – 1992). This, together with my working experience in those days, has provided a solid base for understanding how information systems work and affect interaction with people.

Following my experiences a manager, interim manager and team leader at many occasions, I actively engaged in enhancing in self-development and coaching skills since 2006. Honors obtained include certification as Journey Practitioner (2007), certification as Conscious Coach (2009), and I obtained my diploma for Medical Base Knowledge (2015). In this period, I have been inspired by visionary leaders as Joseph Jaworski and Peter Senge, e.a. The skills obtained have improved my ability to lead teams and communicate effectively, both in direct communications and in reports, meetings, and public speeches. From a self-development perspective, it has given me the inner peace to accept life as it shows up, so I can focus on where I can make a difference and do so in full presence.

My interest in you

For many years, life has pulled me to my “next thing to do”. Whereas I have been recognized as a skilled team leader and manager, much of my life has been dedicated in cracking the nut in complex situations, finding sustainable ways forward towards a future we want. Whoever you are, whatever you do: if you have a “nut to crack” don’t hesitate and contact me: together we have what it takes!

My full CV is available from LinkedIn.