About GNKS Consult

GNKS Consult was founded in 2006 by Maarten Botterman and conducts strategic and policy research and evaluation, building on excellence in understanding of the impact of the emerging Global Networked Knowledge Society.  GNKS Consult makes a difference by contributing to insights that help society and organisations to be sustainable in the long run.

GNKS builds insights on sound, objective and empirically-based analysis, with an important emphasis on the quality of the analysis and a balanced presentation of the findings, independent from any political or religious conviction.

Important in the work of GNKS Consult is emphasis on "open mind" and being able to develop policies that are inspired by an open mind that is not hindered by mental blocks based on personal experiences of policy makers and other decision makers involved. Coaching in this to ensure a deep understanding up and beyond current experience is as important as the high quality analysis that underpins our recommendations. Whereas the outcomes of such processes may not be as foreseen prior to the engagement, the results will typically not come as a surprise, but as result of and in line with deeper insights.

For its project work GNKS Consult brings together people who have built up experience and expertise in multi-disciplinary, high quality work, for governments and businesses that take the challenge of sustainability seriously, and understand that for any decision today, the impact for tomorrow needs to be considered. Whereas the future cannot be predicted with certainty, GNKS thinks ahead to ensure that decisions today offer the most robust outcomes for tomorrow. Foresight, including scenario based analysis and gaming, are important in this. So is involving the relevant stakeholders that together will shape that future.

Project teams consist of people with complementary skills, who are dedicated to their work, and value good quality. For making things happen GNKS Consult can rely on a network of top class associated researchers that together cover the following disciplines:  economists, psychologists, game theorists, behavioral scientists, political scientists; and operations researchers. All associated researchers have worked with eachother before, and are committed to making a difference, not just to deliver according to contract.

Next to policy analysis and evaluations GNKS also advises organisations on how to adapt to the challenges of today, and in particular in how to deal with blocks that prevent organisations delivering up to the full capacity of its people.



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